New York City/Husdon Valley Affordable 3CX VOIP Solutions

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient cloud-based phone system solution, look no further than Clark-Ritchotte Communications. As a trusted 3CX Partner serving the vibrant areas of New York City, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and the Hudson Valley area, they specialize in helping businesses implement and manage cutting-edge 3CX phone systems. With their team of experienced professionals, Clark-Ritchotte Communications is committed to assisting you in selecting the ideal 3CX solution tailored to your specific business needs. Get ready to enjoy a seamless transition to a state-of-the-art phone system that can revolutionize your communication processes. They can save you up to 80% off your current telecom bills.

Affordable Unified Communications

3CX Cloud PBX presents an optimal solution tailored for businesses operating in the vibrant NYC/Hudson Valley region, aiming to streamline communication costs while embracing the latest technological advancements. By adopting 3CX, you unlock the potential of a robust, dependable, and secure cloud-hosted PBX system that can be seamlessly set up within minutes, ensuring a hassle-free transition. Moreover, with 3CX, you stand to achieve substantial savings of up to 80% on call expenditures compared to traditional phone systems, empowering your business with cost-effective communication solutions.

What sets 3CX apart is its comprehensive suite of advanced features designed to enhance productivity and collaboration within your organization. From seamless video conferencing capabilities to efficient call recording functionalities and the convenience of an auto attendant, 3CX offers a versatile toolkit to meet your diverse communication needs. Whether it's conducting virtual meetings, capturing important conversations, or managing incoming calls with ease, 3CX equips you with the tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your daily operations.

As a trusted 3CX Partner, we are dedicated to providing businesses in the NYC/Hudson Valley area with a unified communications platform that seamlessly integrates calling, SMS, and social media messaging, all within a centralized and user-friendly environment. Experience the benefits of 3CX Cloud PBX today and revolutionize the way your business communicates and collaborates.

Orlando 3CX Cloud-Based Phone system

Give your customers a great multi-channel experience. We offer 30 Day trials on our 3CX Solutions, you just need to pay for the calls you make. If you're already techy you can start your 30-day trial below. 

(Use any VOIP Service with the Trial, or try out Telnyx and Receive a 20 Dollar Credit by using MATTHEW-NAF1 as your promo code when signing up)

Recent Statistics on Calling Experiences


People Calling Businesses

Last year, 45% of consumers initiated a purchase over the phone (via KissMetrics).

On-hold messages keep callers on the line

Sixty percent of callers left on hold in silence hang up. (AT&T Study)



Callers want to talk to real people

Sixty-seven percent of customers have hung up out of frustration of not being able to talk to a real person (HelpScout).

Strategies for improving the customer calling experience


  • Providing on-hold music or messaging to increase caller retention 
  • Delivering scripts that cross-sell products and motivate callers to act 
  • Delivering messaging that builds brand awareness 
  • Working with voice talent that matches the brand and accurately speaks to the target audience 
  • Utilizing a VoIP phone solution that allows communication with callers from outside of the office 
  • Providing auto-attendants and IVRs that quickly route callers to decrease customer on-hold wait times 


Save on Costs, Not on Features

Slash your Phone Bill and Communications Costs

Reduce your Phone Bill by 80%

Remote workers or employees on the go can make telephone calls free of charge with the 3CX softphone and mobile application.

Always Available

Never Miss a call beause your out of the office. With a business VoIP app for Android or iOS, you can literally take your office extension with you anywhere

Audio/Video Conferencing

3CX’s WebRTC-based web conferencing feature is an easy-to-use solution that is included in all editions of 3CX for free for up to 250 participants.

Your Cloud/Our Cloud

CRC hosts all managed 3CX systems in DigitalOcean with your Choice of Region. We also support Google, Amazon, or your own OpenStack Cloud.

Easy Management

3CX’s Unified Communications solution sets itself apart with its easy management.3CX offers a clean and easy to use interface and Android and iOS apps.

See a List of Supported IP-Phones

UC Intergrations

User Presence, Web Site Chat, Click2Call, Business SMS, Social Media Messaging, Video Conferencing, and CRM Integration.


Provide a Unified Customer and Employee Experience

Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones? Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps? Service customer requests via website live chat? With 3CX PBX they can do this and much more. The freedom of choice doesn’t end there, with 3CX you can choose to deploy on-premise on Windows or Linux, in your private cloud account or opt for 3CX to host your PBX for you. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed a hassle-free PBX that requires minimum management.

CRM Intergration

Integrate your CRM or helpdesk system with 3CX. 

Live Chat with Talk/Video

With 3CX’s integrated live chat feature your website and Facebook page visitors are able to start a chat or call in real-time. 

Call Queues and Groups

Don’t miss that call, call queues to individuals or groups. Guarantee no calls are missed.

Sync with Office 365

Does your company use Microsoft 365? Easily connect 3CX to Microsoft 365 and get the best of both worlds! 

Key Features of a Cloud Based 3CX System

  • 3CX MyPhone – Desktop Call Control, Works hand in hand with 3CXPhone for Windows, Android, and iPhone – VoIP Softphones and complete desk phone replacements.
  • 3CX Management Console – A Web-based management console for easier phone system administration
  • Unified Communications – Increase company productivity with Office 365, Teams, and your CRM system integrations.
  • Unlimited extensions – We never charge for extensions like our Competitors
  • BLF – Set presence and notify your co-workers that you’re currently busy.
  • CRM Integration – Launch calls directly from your favorite CRM (Zoho CRM, Microsoft Outlook,, HubSpot)
  • 3CX Fax server for receiving faxes
  • Unified Messaging – Receive voice mail and fax via email
  • Unlimited auto-attendant / digital receptionist
  • 3CX Phone provisioning – When we ship your phones they auto-provision, so there is nothing to worry about.
  • Paging and intercom
  • Call forwarding –  advanced rules by caller ID, time, and type of call
  • Call queuing, recording, conferencing
  • Call park and pickup

Multi-Channel Communications Unified

Clark-Ritchotte Communications offers both office 365 integrations with 3CX and now we offer Facebook Messenger and SMS integrations in the 3CX platform. As well as the patented Live chat integration with our hosted WordPress solutions. All Intergrations are included in our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Ask your infrastructure specialist today!

Orlando 3CX Instant Messenger/SMS

SMS Gateway Messaging Intergration*

Orlando 3CX Cloud-Based Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messaging Intergration~

Orlando 3CX Website Live Chat

Live Chat WordPress Integration

*Requires a compatible SMS provider Telenyx or Flowroute.

~ Require business to be verified through the Facebook Busines center and approval of app API completed.

Explore our Voice Talent List

Orlando 3CX Voice Talent

Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc OGM

by Sofia H.

Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc OGM

by Jodi P.

Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc OGM

by Tristian F.

Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc OGM

by Selene R.

Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc OGM

by Ava M.

Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc OGM

by Damian P.

PBX Pricing

Telecom Pricing

Phone Number Pricing

Numbers Per Month
Local Numbers
Toll-Free Numbers
First 50
Next 200 $0.7900 $0.7900
Next 750
Next 4K
5K +


Managed Services/Add-on Pricing

Service Price
Phone System Management & Support (Includes Initial Configuration) $250/Yr
Basic Support (Only Includes Troubleshooting/OS Support) $100/Yr
Initial Configuration $150 One-Time
Voice Talent Recordings (Contact us for Examples) $25/Message
Voicemail Transcription Service $30/Year



Can I really save up to 80% on my Telecom bills?

Yes, Most telecom companies and packages, do not offer At cost pricing for Calling, they do extreme markups. Even with the added cost of the 3CX license, you will see the benefit after a month.

It is hard to Transfer to you?

Not at all, We work with your current telecom provider to move you over to Telnyx and will make sure you have a smooth transfer. You will even get a $20 Dollar credit from Telnyx for signing up with us.

What Does the term "Simultaneous Calls" Mean?

Simultaneous Calls means an active call internally in the phone system (Extension to Extension and externally (Extension to PTSN) Also a Bridge call between 3CX systems count as one call per System.

Why does Standard start at 16 simultaneous calls instead of 4?

The standard plan is meant for companies that do not need anything special but has a huge call load.

How long can I trial 3CX for?

We offer 60-day trials of all Licenses, 3CX is currently offering a year trial of standard, but you will be required to start paying for the standard price above.

Do you have Training Available?

Yes, you have access to 3CX’s academy, which offers video and text-based training materials. However, you can let us manage your system for an extra $250 a year which includes Voice Talent recordings, and much more.

Do you offer plans that include more Simultaneous Calls?

Of course! We offer licenses up to 1024 simultaneous calls, you can explore 3CX’s pricing here.

We saw that 3CX is offering a free for a One Year Deal, is this True?

Yes, they do offer this, but if you see based on the price above you would get a better deal with pro/ent in the long run. Think of this as a trial for Standard.

What's Included in Basic Support?

As a 3CX partner, we do offer a basic support plan, that will assist with account lockouts, and issues with connections with Trunks, However, this only covers troubleshooting basic issues, if you are having issues managing the platform you will need to purchase our Full managed service which is $250/yr or take the 3CX training to learn how to manage your system.

What's does the Phone System Management & Support Plan Include?

Most businesses do not have the time or resources to manage Infrastructure. With our managed PBX Plan, we manage all aspects of your system including: Voice Talent OGMs, MOH, Call Recordings, Voicemail Transcription Service, reporting buildout, Setup/Management of Office365, and Facebook Integrations, Assistance in Live chat setup, and Direct support extensions on your system to contact our support team (Requires Ent Plan).

“Clark-Ritchotte Communications changed my entire team’s experience with communications and boosted our productivity”

Having a unified communications solutions for our business has enabled many ways for our customers to contact us in a way they fell comfortable with, which has opened up more sales opportunity for our business.

Kai Jennings, Small Business Owner

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